The Black Voice That Guides Us All

Florida Atlantic University offers an abundance of opportunities to many on-campus organizations that seek out student engagement. Activities that do what they can to reach out to the hearts of so many, but with so many things going on all at once, it can get rather difficult to oversee everything that goes on at campus. 

When it comes to the many Black students and Black student-led organizations, Gabrielle Guy does what she can to ensure that each of their voices matters.

“My hope as being an advisor is kind of being a mentor to the Black orgs as far as like helping them to unify, helping them to work together, collaborate across other organizations, and helping to mold them into better leaders,” Guy said.

As an assistant director, Gabrielle has strived in the hopes of being the mentor who seeks out unity in hopes of displaying her perfect sense of Black unity on campus. She does all that she can to ensure that any involvement pertaining to Black student-led organizations will succeed.

“And also, just to make sure there that they know that their events and their organizations overall is supported, and being promoted across the campus that I’m able to get faculty and staff to go and support their events as well,” she said.

Her voice speaks for all when it comes to the well-being that is the strength that these organizations have to offer. Gabrielle has expressed deeply that she isn’t just a figure that resides behind a desk clicking away at her computer screen, but more so an involved voice eager to get herself familiar with every student that crosses her path. She even expresses that her doors are open to all if a one-on-one is needed.

“I’m not just here as an advisor for orgs, but I’m here to help students matriculate through their college experience as a Black student,” Guy added.

With goals that soar into the clouds above, Gabrielle hopes to accomplish as the advisor for all Black organizations by unifying, uplifting, and upholding all the beauty that so many have to offer. With a strong ambition to bring all these organizations together, she wants nothing more than camaraderie with each one and never allows one to ever feel less than its significant counterpart.  

“Just make sure that groups are staying in communication with me, making sure that I’m being involved in event planning or events. You know? Coordinating and anything else that has to do with their organization. Just keeping me involved and communicating and knowing that I’m just here to support and facilitate whatever they need,” Gabrielle says.

Despite being active in her position for only three weeks, Gabrielle has already gone above and beyond to show us why she is here to stay. With her office located in the Center of Ideas within the Student Union, Gabrielle showcases why she’s the warm embrace that guides you.

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