Editor in Chief Spring Semester Letter – New Year, New Changes

With the Spring Semester currently underway, I’m starting to realize how quick and surreal it is for me now that I’m the Editor in Chief for The Paradigm Press, FAU’s first-ever Black newspaper. Being a staff writer for my high school newspaper for two years, to then discovering The Paradigm Press, and being able to write numerous articles in order to speak for those unrepresented on our FAU campus which is a true blessing. 

When I was asked to be Editor in Chief was honestly surprising. I remember sitting outside with Kennedy Mckinney, the Founder, and Editor in Chief of The Paradigm Press, and amongst many other members of their respective organizations waiting for former representative, Val Demings to speak at the Congressional Convos event. Kennedy and I were just catching up and because I knew that she was getting ready to graduate in December, I wanted to express how much of an influence she was to me the past three years in working with Paradigm. In all honesty, and she knows this… I was going to miss her writing for the paper. She then proceeded to say, “Oh yeah, Hannah, you’re taking my position for Editor in Chief.” Needless to say, I was elated but also nervous at the same time. Only because I know how great Kennedy was at being the Editor in Chief I was questioning my talents and abilities that God has given me and wondered if I could do the same thing.

I took some time away from writing for The Paradigm Press during the Fall Semester which was much needed. I felt unmotivated because I wasn’t enjoying it like I used to. I mean of course, I had all of these approved ideas to write for The Paradigm Press. Such as, writing about the Miss Omega Psi Phi Pageant, BSU’s Battle of the Sexes, and even a gun violence prevention event. But for some reason with all of these great ideas, for which I thought at the time was a good way for me to get back into my love for writing, it wasn’t enough. I was burnt out. 

A few days before winter break I got a direct message from someone asking me to get in touch with the Director of Student Media, Wesley Wright. And I am extremely grateful that I did. He was able to (and still does) give me such great advice and pointers on things I can do for The Paradigm Press to succeed. Such as, recruiting writers, how to navigate in teaching the writers who don’t have a journalism background. The main thing I shared with him was that I was in need of new ideas. He was able to give me a list of ideas to publish for Paradigm

After the meeting, I had a new sense of taking charge. I was inspired by the ideas and changes that I can’t wait to release for The Paradigm Press. 

What’s new for The Paradigm Press you ask? With a full team we are ready to take on the Spring Semester. We currently are in the process of making a new logo and changing the style of The Paradigm Press itself as I’ve been heavenly inspired by other online publications … That is under review though, I might change my mind. And of course more articles to highlight the best month in honoring Black Culture which is Black History Month. But it doesn’t stop there… As Paradigm Press continues in celebrating all accomplishments and all things Black with Melanin March. As well as bringing back the newly named Dear Ebony Advice Column. Which is someone who can give you great advice on things that you need help with. 

Although it’s a brand new year and there are going to be a few changes happening with The Paradigm Press, our purpose and overall objective for the paper remains the same. We will write stories for our culture and about our culture in order to provide an inclusive space for minorities to come to as we publish all things pertaining to social and cultural issues. As well as celebrating all things Black at our school. 

Again, I couldn’t be any more blessed to take the reigns as Editor in Chief for The Paradigm Press. I know it’s been a while since there has been activity on our social platforms, but I promise you it will be worth the wait. I can’t wait for you all to see what The Paradigm Press has to offer!


Hannah Burrell

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