Introducing the Black Writers Collective

A new year tends to come with new opportunities. With Black History month amongst us, it makes it the perfect time to highlight a new organization that celebrates people that look like us!

They’re called “The Black Writers Collective”. Curated by Raquel Perry, the organization uses spoken word to bring awareness to social issues that affect members of the Black community.

Raquel, who also serves as the organization’s President, says she first got the idea to start up the BWC after attending The Black Student Unions poetry slam event last Fall. After noticing that there was a demographic of students interested in writing, but the lack of a space to do so, Raquel felt compelled to do something.

Raquel Perry, Founder/President

Membership into BWC is as easy as can be! Those interested in being a part of BWC should visit the organization’s Instagram page @bwcfau. There in the bio, is a direct link to input contact information. After that, a member of the Executive Board will get in touch with those interested.

When asked what she has planned for BWC, Raquel talked about wanting to take BWC further than just spoken word. She mentioned wanting to conduct workshops to cover writing skills and offer performance tips to amplify the confidences of members. 

In addition to that, she also mentioned curating a potential spoken word team that performs their art at various open mic events surrounding the FAU area.

You can catch The Black Writers Collective as they perform for BSU’s Black History Month Showcase on February 18th. You can also support them by getting that special somebody a hand-written Love Poem at the same time that you buy your BSU Valentine’s Day Goodie Bags!

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