Behind the Scenes of Owl Involved with The Paradigm Press

Students going to and from class, various conversations bustling along the Breezeway with music blaring, as tables are lined along of organizations. At the start of each semester, organizations at the Boca Raton FAU Campus, table in the Breezeway to showcase their organization to students who are interested in getting involved. 

The Paradigm Press decided that instead of tabling for Owl Involved this semester, it would be better to go around and interview members in various organizations that are presented along the Breezeway. As far as overall organizations there were: Religious (Christian) Orgs, BSU, CSA, FAU NOW, WEC, Greek Life, IN10SITY, Kohesian, and Theatre Collective.

Religious organizations like RUF and FAU Christians on Campus. Reformed University employee, Zac McGee said, “Reformed University Fellowship is an on-campus Christian Ministry and we have two full-time staff, employees. We meet on Wednesday nights at 7 PM. I was involved with RUF when I went to school at Ole Miss and did the internships, and I’m an intern here. We have a full-time pastor that does a message and does bible studies around it. I loved it in college, it was huge for me, just a community of it and getting to dive into the Word, and growing in my walk and my knowledge of Jesus,” Sophomore and member of FAU Christians on Campus, MJ shares his reason as to why he wanted to join is because he purely wanted to learn about Christ and how His word, and to solely invest in learning more about Jesus Christ himself. 

There are also various organizations that are all about empowerment, while also throwing impactful events, can be insightful for students to join these organizations due to the topics that are being presented. 

Director of Membership and Outreach for FAU National Organization for Women, Kai said, “We are an intersectional feminist organization. Intersectionality means that there is a lot of parts that make up you: your race, gender, sexuality, etc. When we advocate for equality, for people, we want to take all of those into account, and so we’re just a safe space for everyone: it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.” 

Women’s Empowerment Club [FAU’S WEC] dives deep into what it means to be encouraging to other women. “We host the events on campus to empower women and create self-awareness, confidence, and character-building within women,” said Junior, Jori Davis. 

Students have the option of joining organizations available that fit their hobby within the arts of dancing, singing, stepping, or acting.

The Black Undergraduate Theater Collective Program is a brand new organization for students of color who have the love of performing arts.

The Black Undergraduate Theater Collective was founded in 2020. The main purpose of the organization is to have people of color who love Performing Arts be represented. As you know people of color, you kind of have to put yourself forward, and make something of your own in order to be accepted,” said Cassidy Joseph. Another member of The Black Undergraduate Theater Collective expresses her thoughts. “I wanted to join this group because I wanted a community of people that understood me. Where I could also sing, dance, act, and do all things that I really felt like I could do with people that I love to be around.”

Within the performing arts, also comes dance. The dance troupe, In10sity, is a majorette dance team that was founded on January 4th, 2021. 

Junior, and Secretary of In10sity, Jeanelle Shaw, expressed, “It helps bring a different style of dancing to FAU Campus because we are the only majorette dance team on this campus, and also we do different events, and community service as well.” 

To add on, The Kohesion Step Team does not only do stepping but also a little bit of dancing as well. “We are a co-ed team. We try to spread our personalities and everything and show off who we are to FAU, and to also show who FAU is to the world. We started in 2013, and just have been going on since then. And we just try to spread happiness and joy in everything that we do: through our clapping, chanting, stepping, and dancing. It’s just a great way to combine fun and exercise,” said Junior and President Risnie Dalcy.

Students are also given the opportunity to join organizations that focus on celebrating their culture and history.

The Black Student Union (BSU) was founded on June 8, 1970, as it symbolizes Black unity and being able to have students be free in expressing themselves, while also showing local, national, and international issues that are prominent in the Black community. Students are also able to take part in being involved in general body meetings and fun events.

Senior, and Community Service Chair, Marcus Romulus said, “My first two years I didn’t really do much, so during my junior year, I was like, I want to be more involved. And I went to a couple of BSU events, and I joined BSU one time, so I was like, let me just try to be part of this E-Board, so I could try to improve it because there were some things I didn’t like, so that’s why I joined BSU.”  

The Caribbean Students Association, (CSA) purpose is to build up and strengthen the Caribbean cultural awareness that is to happen on and off-campus, as well as bring acceptance of the Caribbean culture and lifestyle. “All the Caribbean students can come together as kind of like a family, and have events together, and have that Caribbean culture; that’s what made me want to join because I grew up my whole life in the Caribbean, and you want to have that group that you’re familiar with, and talk to, and have a familiar experience with,” said Junior, Smith Matthias. 

Students can also be informed about having the choice of joining a fraternity or sorority that is available here on campus: sororities or fraternities that lie within the National Panhellenic Council, Panhellenic Council, or a business co-ed fraternity. 

Junior, Jaxon Crosby who is a member of the Sigma Delta Delta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated said,“What I like about is really the brothership, kind of the camaraderie between everybody and each of the members, very interconnected. A lot of our brothers are involved in extracurricular activities, so a lot of them are part of the football program, or PBM, Progressive Black Men, so I really appreciate how diverse at how everybody is involved in different aspects of campus.” 

Junior, Kennedy Mckinney, who is the President and member of the Xi Epsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated said, “Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, we are founded on January 13, 1913 at Howard University. We pride ourselves on scholarship, service, and sisterhood, and we hold stable events on campus about educational and social for the student body and community.”

Senior, Cooper Callahan, President, and member of the Gamma Beta Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Incorporated, said, “I came to school here my Freshman Year and I decided to go through recruitment because I have family members that have gone through it, and it sounded really cool to me. We’re a sorority here on campus, so we are in greek life, and this organization really stood out to me because all of the members just seem very genuine and they were very welcoming to me when I talked to all of them.” 

There are also co-ed fraternities that focus on business instead of Greek life. 

“We’re open to all majors, we are a business professional fraternity to help you become a better professional in whatever career that you are in,” said Junior, Jasen Santerre who is a member of the Sigma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi co-ed Business Professional Fraternity. “Our core values are brotherhood, unity, service, knowledge, and integrity, so what we like to build is a business professional when it comes to business ethics when it comes to etiquette, and also resume building,” said Junior, Guerby Gurrier, who is the Vice President of Finance for the Sigma Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Owl Involved is a great way to allow students to explore various organizations, and see which one is the best fit for them. As well as seeing other organizations or students who were were partaking in Owl Involved, they were able to see what the organization, The Paradigm Press does as a whole, and maybe want to join in as well. 

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