2020: A Year in Review

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January 2020:

Jan 2nd: Australian WildFires  (Black Summer)

Seen as one of the worst wildfires in Australia’s history, the fire lasted from September of 2019 to March of 2020 and sorted over 46 million acres of land and killing thousands of species. 

Jan 3rd: Persian Gulf Crisis

Rising tensions between the Republic of Iran estate and the U.S. led to the drone strike, approved by President Donald Trump, to help take out major general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Qasem, Soleimani. He was commander for the IRGC since 1998. 

Iran responded with a missile strike that hit an American base(s)  in Iraq where 50 American troops were injured and exhibit serious medical injuries.

Later in the year, tensions between the two countries grew more unsteady, setting an order to send an additional  1,500 American troops to Iran in May. 

Jan 7th: Health officials suggest the first case of COVID-19 lands in the U.S. 
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Jan 16th: Impeachment of President Trump

President of the U.S., Donald Trump, was set for an impeachment trial after officials discovered (through a whistleblower) that Trump threatened Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky that he would withhold U.S. foreign aid money until Zelensky looked into investigating suspicious dealings of the eventual president, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The House of Representatives, led by the Democrats, stood in the case of wrongdoing and obstruction from the President, and this eventually leading to the Supreme Court trial on January 16th, 2020.

It was on February 5th, 2020 however – that the Senate, whose majority of the seats fell in favor of the Republicans, acquitted the President on Both charges. 

Jan 29th:  United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

After President Trump’s promise to keep America first, he removed the country from nearly all international treaties, including the largest free trade agreement, NAFTA, President Trump replaced theta agreement with the USMCA. This agreement allows for regulations to be in place among the U.S., Mexico, and Canada in regards to trading. Some of these regulations include auto manufacturing and pharmaceutical drugs sold between the three countries.

Mexico ratified the agreement in June of 2019 and Canada did in March 2020. 

Jan 30th:  WHO declares the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern

This is only the sixth time in modern history that the World Health Organization (WHO) has invoked such measures. The only other times being:

2009 swine flu, 2014 polio declaration, 2014 Ebola outbreak, and 2016 Zika virus

Jan 31st:  England’s Parliament formally withdrew from the European Union

February 2020:

February 11th: Covid-19 Pandemic: WHO – World Health Organization officially names the virus ‘COVID-19’Image result for ahmaud arbery

February 23rd: Death of Ahmad Arbery

 Footage surface of the innocent killing of Ahmad Arbery. A 25-year-old Black Man who was stalked and shot while going on a mid-day jog. The killers, Travis and Gregory McMichael, as well as Robby Brian, were identified as the individuals who followed Arbery through the neighborhood.

February 27th:  Plumbing of DOW

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) plunges by nearly 4.4%. The following week would see the worst drop in the DOW since as early as 1991

February 28th: NATO Solidarity towards Turkey 

This has been an on-going war between the people of Syria and the opposition between their governments. After a number of Turkish soldiers were killed in an airstrike by Syrian government sources, NATO allies met in the North Atlantic Council where they expressed their solidarity for Turkey.

Image result for us peace treaty with taliban

February 29th: U.S. peace signing with the Taliban

After years of conflict between the U.S. and the Taliban in the Middle East, President Trump reached an agreement with the group In Doha, Qatar that set a course to remove troops from Afghanistan

February 29th: First death of COVID-19 reported in the U.S.

A man in his 50’s from Washington state died after suffering from underlying conditions in addition to contracting COVID-19

March 2020:

March 5th: ICC authorizes investigation of U.S. soldiers in regards to War Crimes in Alfganistan

Just days after signing the U.S.-Taliban agreement, the International Criminal Court (ICC), established in order to investigated war crimes against humanity, authorized an investigation into U.S. soldiers in regards to the treatment of Taliban soldiers and hostages dating back to 2001. 

This overturning and opening of their investigation come a year after a pretrial panel announced that the investigation into the U.S. was considered, ‘low’ in regards to potential findings. 

March 11th: The World Health Organization (WHO) declares COVID-19 a Pandemic

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March 12th: The Global Stock Market begins to crash due to the Pandemic

With rising concerns of COVID-19, the global stock market was hit hard. The DOW fell once again hitting a decline of 5.9% 

President Trump imposed a travel ban among those coming into the U.S. from Europe. This suspension lasting for up to 30 days and in turn, hurting the airline industry.

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March 23rd: The Killing of Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor, a 26-Year Old medical worker from Louisville, KY was fatally shot in her home after a police raid took place after an ongoing investigation of drug dealing.

March 27th: $2-Trillion Stimulus Package Passed by Congress and signed by Trump

Image result for trump signing stimulus check

As the economy steadily drops in the midst of the pandemic, Congress looked to find a stimulus package that would help support families that were suffering from unemployment. As of the date, a record 3.28 million Americans filed for unemployment. They finally came to an agreement on a package that would give each American $1200.

April 2020:

April 3rd: CDC Recommends a Mask Mandate in Public Settings

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April 8th: Bernie Sanders concedes out of the Democratic Primary Race

As the 2020 presidential election is only 9 months out, voters cast their vote, despite the pandemic, to choose a candidate to represent the Democratic Party against the current Republican president, Donald Trump.

Popular contender Bernie Sanders fell short of the 1,1991 delegates needed to win against the former Vice president, Joe Biden which signal himself to concede the race. This represented a major split between the Democrat party as Bernie was considered popular among the younger voters. 

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April 8th: Wuhan Lockdown Ends

With the first case of the novel COVID virus coming from the area, officials locked down the area signaling a city-wide shutdown that did not allow residents to leave the city. After 76days, the lockdown was lifted. 

April 10th: Ebola Spotted In The Democratic Republic of Congo

A pandemic within a pandemic. The first case of Ebola arose back up in the African country. The first new case of the virus since February of 2020. 

April 10th: Worldwide COVID cases exceeds 100,000 cases 

April 13th: Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) passes loan plan

Following suit with the U.S., the finance ministers of the European Union (EU) agreed on a loan payment plan that includes 100 billion Euros in unemployment benefits and 200 billion Euros in smaller business relief.

April 14th: Trump stops U.S. funding to the World Health Organization

President Trump publicly accuses WHO of not responding in a timely manner to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, he stopped funding to the international organization in the midst of them asking for additional funding to help fight the spread of the virus. 

Protesters try to enter the Michigan House of Representatives chambers

April 27th: U.S. COVID-19 cases surpass 1 million, worldwide tops 3 million cases

April 30th: Anti-Maskers begin to protest the end of the Pandemic shutdown 

May 2020:

May 8th: The U.S. unemployment rate hits nearly 15% with more than 30 million job claims filed  

May 14th: UN Warns of a Global Mental Health Crisis

As nearly the whole world is at a standstill in the wake of the COVID-19 virus, health officials at the United Nations warned officials of the potential of a serious mental health crisis, including an increase in depression among people due to the need for isolation and fear of uncertainty. 

May 21st: The U.S. withdraws from the Open Sky Treaty

A treaty that allows countries to conduct short-notice examinations of military activity on enemy forces was withdrawn by President Trump after allegations of restrictions of the treaty by Russia

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May 25th: The Killing of George Floyd and the Spark of Worldwide protest in the Fight for Black Lives

George Floyd, a restaurant bouncer and an aspiring commercial driver of Minneapolis was stopped by Officer Chavin over an alleged fake $20 bill. Floyd was handcuffed and then eventually put to the ground where Chavin had his knee on Floyd’s back for 8 minutes that led to his death. 

As a case was opened up to investigate the murder, protests spread across the nation in regards to police brutality and the need for police reform. The protest spread to parts of Europe and by June 2020, the protest hit all 50 states and nearly 25 countries were protesting on behalf of justice for Floyd and police brutality.  The arresting officer, Derek Chavin, faced second-degree murder and third-degree manslaughter.

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June 2020:

June 1st: President Trump Photo-Op at St. John’s Episcopal in Washington D.C.Image result for president trump st john church

In an attempt to have a photo -op that many might suggest a symbolizing of “law and order,” presented thePresident holding up a bible where he posed for the camera.

In the process of having this photoshoot; however, he threatened protestors who were exhibiting their first amendment rights, by having the national guard come in. When they did, they cleared the area with pepper spray and physical force. This was in the midst of the George Floyd killing and the fight of many Americans to have their voices heard as police brutality became the center issues in political discourse. 

June 3rd: U.K. Prime Minister welcomes Hong Kong citizens after new Security Legislation

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that new immigration policies will take place as he welcomes Hong Kong citizens after the Chinese central governments passed sweeping legeslation that deemed any form of protest or activism group criminal. This comes after the citizens of Hong Kong protested for nearly a year in regards to the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill.

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June 3rd: Minneapolis Police Officer: Derek Chauvin, murder of George Floyd, Faces Increase Murder Charges 

As protest lumed across all 50 states and even reaching some countries – Minnesota attorney general, in a presss conference, announced that the charges faced by Officer Chauvin, who had George Floyd on the ground for almost nine minutes, was facing in increase in charges from third degree murder to second degree. 

June 5th: 16TH Street NW, Washington D.C. becomes Black Lives Matter PlazaImage result for black lives matter plaza from space

Washington D.C. mayor, Muriel Browser announces the designation of 16th NW street in D.C., the official spot for plaza. This was after demonstrators painted, in yellow paint, ‘Black Lives Matter’ 

This being a symbolizing of recognition, hope, and prayerfully reform. 

Image result for black lives matter plaza from space

June 10th: COVID cases in the U.S. exceeds 2 million cases

June 12th: Sexual Orientation included in Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964

The U.S.Supreme Court ruled under the famous Civil Rights Act of 1964 that was signed by late president Lyndon B. Johnson, that sexual orientation is protected under the act which included illegally discriminating at the workplace.

 Image result for mississippi state flag

June 30th: Removal of Mississippi State Flag

After the vote of the state legislature, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed the bill implementing an immediate change of the state flag that featured the controversial confederate battle flag in the design.

July 2020:

July 8th: Supreme Court rules the requirement of President Trump to release his financial records

July 17th: Secretary of  Defense banning Confederate Flags in military

Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, writes a memorandum that essentially bans any displays of the confederate flag on any military base and any of the uniforms. This coming after protests circulating police reform and BLM marches. 

July 25th: President Trump increase number of federal officers in the midst of protest

Trump, who was imposing the need of “law and order” following the protest circling the nation after George Floyd’s death, increased the number of federal troops in order to keep peace in cities that include Portland, Oregon. 

August 2020:

See the source image

August 11th: Democrat Candidate Joe Biden announce VP pick

Biden makes an historical choice in his vice president pick as he picks senator from California and primary Democrat nominee, Kamala Harris as his running mate. This makes her the first woman of color to be on a major party’s ticket. 

August 16th: California fires break out across the stateImage result for august complex fires

Due to moisture following a tropical storm, wildfires sparked along areas such as San Bernardino and Riverside county, causing thousands to evacuate. This eventually being the largest fire in California history where more than 1 million acres were impacted by the fires. 

August 16th: Death Valley, CA sees highest temperature record in History

August 17th-20th: Democratic National Convention via virtually

This where the Democratic party formally announce Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their nominees for their 2020 presidential ticket

August 19th-24th: Republican National Convention via virtually 

This is where the Republican party formally announced the rebid of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as the GOP’s 2020 presidential ticket 

September 2020:

September 6th: California sets wildfire record

More than 2.1 acres of land was destroyed of the wake of the wildfires that stemmed back from last month. As well as releasing a record number of CO2 into the atmosphere Image result for oregon wildfire map

September 10th: Oregon Residents fleeing amid Wildfires

After the beginning of fires spreading across Oregon, more than 10% of the population in Oregon was forced to evacuate and relocate.

Image result for president nicolas maduro

September 16th: UN accuses Venezuelan government

The United Nations Human Rights Council accuses the Venezualian government of crimes against humanity, including killings and disappearances that stem back a couple of years. President, Nicolas Maduro was included in the implications of formal charges 

September 17th: COVID cases surpass 30 million cases worldwide

Ginsburg seated in her robe

September 18th: Long Serving Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Guinsburg passes away 

Nominated by president Bill Clinton in 1993, Ginsburg was considered a moderate till later in her tenure when she eventually shifted to the liberal wing of the Court. She was formally known for her progressive views and was the first Jewish woman and the second woman to serve the court 

September 23rd: No charges against the officers of Breonna Taylor’s killers

After months of protests and outrage, the grand jury in the proceedings of Breonna Taylor’s case, one out of the three officers, were indicted on charges. The one being officer Brett Hankison. Image result for amy coney barrett

September 26th: President Trump announces replacement judge of Ruth Guinsburg

Trump announces that the vacant seat for the U.S. Supreme Court would be filled by Judge Amy Coney Barrett. She was the judge of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yet many were considered outrage as she is considered more conservative, as well, many believed Trump should have waited until after the election to choose a new judge. \

September 27th: Two Decades, $750 in Taxes

Federal documents released reveal that President Trump only paid $750 in federal taxes

September 29th: First Presidential Debate: Yelling and Insults

The first of what would only be two presidential debates was toppled by a lack of control by mediator Chris Wallace and composure by both president Trump and Joe biden. This eventually led to know clear winner of the debate and even more confusion on who voters should vote for. Image result for joe biden and trump first debate

October 2020:

October 1st: President Trump and First lady Melina Trump test positive for COVID 

October 2nd: President rushed to the hospital

A day after testing positive for COVID-19, white house personnel announced that the president would be sent to Walter Reed National Military Center because of symptoms being presented since his COVID diagnosis. Some of these symptoms include fever and being light headed

October 5th: Trump’s condition gets better: Released from Walter Reed National Military Center

October 8th: Kidnapping of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan

The FBI announced that there would be an arrest made of 13 suspects that were plotting against the kidnapping of the governor of Michigan after threats of overthrowing the state government because the suspects “believe they are violating the  US Constitution.” 

October 23rd: Israel and Sudan normalise relations (5th Israel – Arab agreement)

October 26th: Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court associate justice on a party-line vote, 52 to 48.

November 2020:

November 3rd: U.S. Election during a worldwide pandemic

Despite the pandemic that has impacted all 50 states, voters made their voices heard and it became a historic moment with the largest turnout for a national presidential election in U.S. history. Because of the influx of mail-in-votes, a decision was not made in regards to a winner at the presidential level for four more days. This was also the start of Trump’s claims of voter fraud that spanned out o 

November 4th: The United States exit the Paris Agreement in regards to climate change

  Wildfires and rising temperatures across the nation have been prevalent not only this year but in the past couple of decades and the president held his, “keep America first” promise and took the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement that he first announced that he would do back in 2017. The Paris Agreement was first established in 2016 where there was ratification by 55 parties.

 Image result for oregon decriminalized marijuana

November 4th: Oregon votes to decriminalized all drugs 

In an effort to relax drug laws, activists fought up until election day across the state of Oregon to help  decriminalize any possession of drugs including; meth, heroin, LSD, and marijuana. 

November 7th: Joe Biden becomes the Next president of the U.S. after officially beating incumbent President Trump in historic fashion

After days of uneasiness and consistent voting, it was confirmed that President Trump was defeated by Joe Biden. This is where Biden was able to capture electoral votes from historically Conservative states including Georgia. Trump continues to challenge the ruling, declaring it fraud and suggesting a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona.

 Image result for mark esper

November 9th: COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Phase 3 of the vaccine trial was in the works as companies, BioTech and Pfizer announced that the vaccine was up to 90% effective in trials.

November 10th: Secretary of Defense: Mark Esper, fired by President Trump

November 18th: Pfizer, company creating the vaccine for COVID, says that the vaccine is 95% effective

December 2020:

December 1st: Attorney General: “No evidence of voting fraud” 

After Attorney General William Barr investigated with U.S. attorneys and FBI agents, he announced in a press conference that “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected different outcome in this election.”  This signaling yet again, that the results announced almost a month ago results in the winning of Joe Biden and the harsh reality of President Trump. 

December 11th: Supreme Court Rejects Texas lawsuit

In a pursuit to overturn election results once again, the State of Texas filed a lawsuit against the presidential results that challenged key battleground states in the 2020 election – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The Supreme Court rejected this challenge under the conclusion of Article 3 of the Constitution which illustrates that Texas does not have a clear judicial interest in the way other states conduct their elections. 

Image result for front line workers getting vaccine

December 14th: COVID-19 vaccinations start in the United States

After more than 8 months of the U.S.being hit by the COVID virus and more than 300,000 dying from the it, health care/front line workers were the first to get the vaccine produced by companies Pfizer and BioTech that was authorized for emergency used by the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Image result for mike pence recieving vaccine

December 18th: Vice President Mike Pence takes COVID-19 Vaccine publicly

In a move to help diminish concerns of skepticism surrounding the vaccine and some of the effects it may have, Vice President Mike Pence received the vaccine publicly on national television. 

Image result for joe biden recieving vaccine

December 21st: President Elect, Joe Biden receives the vaccine publicly 

Following suit of current Vice President, Joe Biden received the Pfizer-BioTech vaccine in order to boost public trust. He also explained the need for Americans to take care of themselves and get inoculated

December 22nd: Congress passes 2nd Stimulus Relief Bill

After months of a back and forth tug of war match between both the House and the Senate, both chambers of Congress passed a stimulus relief bill worth up to 900 billion that essentially gives those who qualify, $600 dollars to each American, as well as forigen aid relief to countries such as; Pakistan which includes gender programs. Concerns over the amount were shared by President Trump who says that $600 is not enough for the American people.  

As we embark upon 2021, people have high hopes that the tumultuous events that occurred this year will stay in 2020 and that life can return to normal soon. Let us know what moment had the biggest impact on you this year down below.

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