Ask Paradigm Vol.2

Welcome to part 2 of the newest addition to the newspaper: our advice column! To connect with our readers more, we are asking them to send in questions for our panel to answer. This week our panelist Pascale Gachette, who is also a member of the marketing committee, will be answering this week’s question:

What is your opinion on the need for everyone to post every little thing? I can’t tell if I’m posting for myself or just to show off.

Gachette’s response:

Video Transcription:

Hey guys, it’s Pascale from the marketing team with more advice. So today, our question is 

“What is your opinion on the need for everyone to post every little thing? I can’t tell if I’m posting for myself or just to show off.”

So i feel like this is a really good question because probably a lot of people in our generation might struggle with this but i feel like- okay, personally I don’t really care what other people post. Like it’s not gonna bother me that someone posts like too much or anything like that because honestly, like, if it really bothered me, I would like mute the person or I would just delete them if it really bothered me how much that they post. But generally speaking, I don’t really care if people post every detail of their life. It’s their account you know, like they’re free to do whatever they want but I feel like you know the difference between posting for yourself and posting to show off or posting for other people when you start caring more about “How many likes did I get” or like “How many comments did I get” more than, like, “oh that looks cute in my feed” you know what I mean? I feel like if you’re really posting for yourself, it’s cause you like the picture and it’s my account and ima post it. but I’m not gonna act like I’ve never had that moral dilemma before cause, like, I’ve had that before that I’m like “yo I wanna post this but like I’m not gonna get enough [likes]” or or if I delete something cause it didn’t get enough likes. But like at the end of the day its your account post what you want, you know? You’re not showing off if you wanna post something cause you’re proud of it or, like, you worked hard you got, like, yourself a new car or something, like, post it. That’s you. Like be proud of your stuff but, like, when you start caring more about people liking it or people commenting on it or people sharing it than you care about actually posting what you wanted to post, that’s the line I feel like that’s when you cross over and you’re posting like to show off or you’re posting for other people instead of just posting for yourself. But that’s my opinion. I hope I helped. I hope I gave you something to think about. So I’ll see you guys next week

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