Student Response to the Presidential Election

On Saturday November 7th, major news stations reported that Joseph “Joe” Biden and Kamala Harris would be the next president and vice president of the United States. After four days of being glued to the TV and watching the electoral votes pour in, students were relieved that the election was, for the most part, over. 

“Waiting for the results was nerve wracking. Prior to the results coming out my mom didn’t want me to go out as much based on the craziness that could happen and the recent racial event at FAU,” said Kaila Palmer, a freshman at Florida Atlantic University. 

While the election is still being finalized, most people believe that Joe is the obvious winner. As of right now, Biden has 290 electoral votes and Trump has 232. Trump has filed multiple lawsuits and tweeted about the election being rigged. 

Republican senators have also refrained from publicly congratulating Biden out of fear that Trump and his fan base will turn on them. According to The Hill,  Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said that his Republican colleagues have privately asked him to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden on his election win because they can’t do so publicly as President Trump contests the results.

Also, the most recent development in Trump’s refusal to concede, was yesterday’s Million MAGA March which took place in Washington, DC to publicly show the support for Trump’s fight to challenge the election. 

But back to the actual winners…

Kamala Harris is the first female vice president and she is also the first person of color to hold the office. This caused for celebration as another glass ceiling was shattered. 

“It’s good to see some diversity and representation. I hear she went to an HBCU and is a member of the D9 so her being granted this position shows that I could possibly achieve this as well one day,” said Palmer. 

As for Joe, he is not waiting around for Trump to concede or invite him the White House. He has already formed his COVID-19 response team and appointed members to his administration. 

Hopefully, America’s next chapter is more stable than the previous one. All we can hope for right now, is for Trump to concede and for Biden to make a smooth transition so that the US can move forward.  

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