A Letter to Our Dearly Missed Events: 2020

This year, if we didn’t learn anything in our remote classes, we did learn to wash our hands. We also learned that social connectivity is very important in keeping us sane. Who would’ve thought that the humans who annoy, irritate, distract, and judge would be the humans to keep us out of a straight jacket during quarantine? I guess we owe ourselves a thank you. If it wasn’t for those ridiculous Tik-Tok trends and overly sappy stay home commercials, we’d all be mentally drowning.

The pandemic has done more to college students (Gen Z) than any other generation. Not only did we have to graduate on a computer screen, but getting jobs in our field is now harder than ever. Many of these companies have lost a great deal of business and they rather not hire recent graduates because they’ll lose money trying to “train us”. In other words, we’re a happy meal on a menu full of mouthwatering combos right now.

Registered student organizations had the best year ahead of them. Remember when we thought we could postpone our events just until the virus was cleared? Miss Corona laughed in our faces and hit us with a campus shutdown that lasted until Fall. Even now, the campus isn’t what it used to be around this time. So many activities and events are prohibited because of strict health and safety guidelines. By June, organization weeks, founders day celebrations, social events, fundraisers, general body meetings, and breezeway tabling were all canceled!  Now, we sit on social media and cancel celebrities. The irony. 

We reached out to over 20 Black, Latin, and Asian organizations on campus and asked them what events they had to lay to rest from the cause of death, the Coronavirus. Here are the responses from a few of the organizations.

May these amazing events soar through the clouds of heaven as we reminisce on how these events went and made us feel last year. For those orgs who need a little more encouragement today, The Paradigm Press wishes you peace to rid the headache Zoom has brought upon us, courage to face the virtual empty chat rooms ahead, and loving memories of the fun and active times we had on campus. May these events rise from the dead by the power of the Almighty and be better than ever in the years to come!

We are saying R.I.P to these missed 2020 events:

  1. Black Student Union 

Drill Em Down

Black Ball 

  1. Business and Professional Women 

BPW Week

  1. Caribbean Student Association 

Annual Carwash

Beach Cleanup

Welcome Back BBQ

CSA Pageant

  1. Fashion Forward

Fashion Shows 

  1. Konbit Kreyol 

Best Haitian Dance Troupe Competiton

  1. National Council of Negro Women 

Ballin’ 4 A Cause 

NCNW Pageant

  1. National Organization of Women

The Period Project

Be the CEO

  1. Women Empowerment Club 

A Woman’s Worth Showcase

Though this is a witty article to bring laughter and lighten the mood during this time, we want to seriously recognize ALL of the organizations that have adapted to the “new normal”. 

We have all tried and done our best to keep our organizations engaged and interactive with students. The way the black FAU community has thrived deserves a trophy! We recognize the amazing work we all have done so far and hope that we continue to collaborate and shine during this pandemic. 

Lastly, thank you to all the organizations who participated by sharing with us the great events that could not happen this year. May the rest of your virtual events be filled with fun and active participants!

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