RSO Spotlight of the Month: Black Student Union

Even though we hoped the pandemic would come to a slow or even an end, COVID-19 struck America again with another wave as a result of many businesses opening back up. Students were praying that the Boca Raton Campus of Florida Atlantic University would open up again this Fall. That way we can all continue doing the things we enjoy like meeting and joining organizations on the breezeway, attending night time RSO events on campus while looking flawless, hanging out with friends in the library or food court, and being able to finally go to in-person classes. To everyone’s excitement (or concern), FAU did reopen the campus to students and staff, but with several major changes. 

Many people questioned why FAU reopened its grounds to students when:

  1. Registered Student Organizations cannot table on the breezeway even if we social distanced
  2. Registered Student Organizations cannot have events with more than 10 individuals within the event’s room which positions RSO’s to not have many or any campus events
  3. Students must wear masks at all times, including outside if there are people around you
  4. Students cannot use residence hall amenities like conference rooms, MPR, gym (in IVA), etc
  5. Majority of classes are still remote
  6. In-person classes (about 20-30 students) are social distanced which is not be a bad thing
  7. Campus restaurants and food court does not allow inside eating (not even social distance eating)
  8. NO Guests are allowed in residence hall buildings including friends from another dorm hall. 
  9. And the list goes on…

All of these limitations to what students, especially registered student organizations, can or cannot do have placed a weight on our shoulders. Our main purpose as an organization on campus is to engage, teach, and empower students, but how can we effectively do that with these changes. That’s not to mention other concerns like trying to grow club memberships, fundraising for our orgs, marketing for the org, and interacting with students even though most, if not all, will be online?

Well, let me introduce you to The Black Student Union!

In case you all did not know, this year the Black Student Union is celebrating their 50th Anniversary as a national organization, founded June 8, 1970! This year the FAU 2020-2021 BSU Eboard members set out to “have the best year they’ve ever had” and they sure are pulling through with that promise. BSU has been on GO with their events. They refused to let the pandemic and use of virtual communication bring the hype down. Persevering through all the technological mishaps, doubt of having an audience on virtual events, and confusion on how to best engage with students, their virtual events have been AMAZING and FILLED!

BSU has gained nearly 100 new members since their first virtual event at Owl Involved! That is one reason they are so impressive! Since then they have held virtual events such as their “Managing Relationships in College” General Body Meeting, 2020 Virtual March on Washington partnership, Virtual Game Night, Voice of Change Campus Protest (on-campus), and their upcoming annual Black Dollar Expo happening this Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 6:00PM Sharp via Instagram Live!

Additionally, Black Student Union has brought back their subcommittees! Students who join BSU are able to join the subcommittee of their choice, such as: Community Service, Marketing, Black History Month, or Fundraising. By analyzing their virtual events and social media presence, I have no doubt in my mind that their subcommittee activities are going to be off-the-wall FUN! Despite the pandemic, 2020 may be BSU’s best year yet. I am so excited to see what else this organization will come up with next.  

So, what are you waiting for? Contact an Eboard member now or DM @fau_bsu on Instagram to find out how to become a member!

The Black Student Union 


The purpose of the Black Student Union is to promote racial/ethnic interaction between and among the different ethnic groups at Florida Atlantic University; stimulate black unity, respect, and self consciousness, and provide an atmosphere where students are free to express their concerns; to provoke awareness of local, national, and international issues of interest to the Black community; to serve as both a social and political force for the campus community; and to promote relations between Black students and other students by providing cultural and social forums and activities.


Our mission is to improve the relations between the different ethnic groups by knocking down the wall of ignorance and building a bridge of understanding.


“From Rhetoric to Action”

Congratulations to the Black Student Union and the 2020-2021 Eboard Members starting this semester off STRONG! You all have been steadfast, adaptable, innovative, creative, entertaining, educative, active, and MUCH MORE!


President: Kennedy McKinney

Vice President: Shemar Bazile

Secretary: Quiara Green

Treasurer: Sarah Common

Black History Month Director: Ashley Walker

Black History Month Co-Director: Kierra Etienne

Event Coordinator: Mudrine Cesar

Marketing Director: Tierra Broughton

Community Service: Michael Gaines

Parliamentarian: Mark Romulus

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