Black Owned Business Spotlight: Oddly Fresh Clothing

Welcome to Part 6! This week we are highlighting Oddly Fresh Clothing. This brand was created in 2019 in Miami, Fl with the goal to bring back “swagger and a retro fashion sense to the world”. They specialize in streetwear clothing for the everyday person and their items include T shirts, shorts, tanks and sweats. 

“What inspired us to start the brand was to create clothes that fit and matched our style because we couldn’t really find stuff that matched us and our style,” said Daniel Steele, one of the three creators of the company. 

Co Owners Paul Carter, Daniel Steele, Sny Joseph (Pictured Right to Left)

 Since COVID-19 started, sales for Oddly Fresh have increased. “We have been running sales and even have certain discounts to eliminate paying for shipping ESPECIALLY for FAU students with the code “FAU2020”, said Steele. 

Their biggest challenge has been trying to get people to recognize the brand. While word of mouth is great, they’ve relied on social media to really push the brand. 

They believe that running a black business is important because black people need to keep money flowing within the community as much as possible. “It also helps to uplift other black entrepreneurs who want to start whatever business they want and at least inspire them to create wealth for themselves and generations to come,” said Steele. 

Be sure to visit and purchase some new clothing items and follow @oddlyfresh on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest items. 

Lastly, to all aspiring business owners, “Stay true and continue to be the best version of you. What’s normal to you may be Odd to others. Stay different, Be Oddly!” said Steele.

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