Dating in “Paradise”

Relationships in college are complicated, that’s no surprise. Some of us want to settle down, some want to mess around, or some people just want to be by themselves. But within the past couple of years, the definition of dating and what makes a relationship got pretty mixed up.  Either way you want to define it, relationships could be a breeze or complicated, to say the least. 

Here at FAU, we asked single students and students in relationships, a couple of questions about what defines a relationship to them and everything in between. 

Question: Would You Date Someone on Campus? 

A large amount didn’t see a problem with testing the waters in the dating scene on campus.  Some students believe it is easier, due to convenience and knowing that they were in the same boat as you: going to class and pursuing an education. 

However, select students such as Devin Sheely, stated that someone “can’t fully build a relationship while they’re in college because it takes a lot of energy and not many people are willing to provide that just yet.” 

Mona Artison said she couldn’t date someone on campus because seeing them every day just wouldn’t do it for her. She also said that people here “can’t be taken seriously” and she’s heard of way too many guys who sleep with multiple girls and spread STDs. 

Question: What’s Your Preference? 

We all know what we like, we know what we don’t. Preferences may vary but a large part agreed that their partner has to be a God-fearing man or woman, their hygiene has to be good, and finally, their personality must fit them, in other words from an FAU student who prefers to be anonymous says “you can’t have the appearance of a Malia Obama but have the persona of a City Girl.” 

Question: How do you feel about titles? 

Most people ruled that having a title draws the line between an actual relationship and a “situationship.” 

“Having a title and going public definitely compromises things because once you know a couple is together there’s going to be something new every day brought up about their past or random drama that came from nowhere, either out of jealousy or envy that those two people are together” said Dereck Boulden. 

To another student, Kaziyah Thomas, having a title can be hard but not all the time. “It’s only hard if you make it hard,” she says. “Adding that title to whatever you’re in definitely comes with a level of trust that both parties must have”. 

Those who are in the dating life at Florida Atlantic University seem to all be on one accord. We all convey the impression to have the same issues when it comes to finding someone who’s on the same level as us, respects us for who we are, and doesn’t mind riding this rough roller coaster of dating in college right beside you. Clearly some people need a little more maturing in some areas but overall, as student, Michael Gaines says “if you click with someone, then it’s wraps!”

Toni Willie serves as the Student Outreach Liaison and a staff writer for the Paradigm Press. For more information regarding this or other stories, email

Amanda Forest helped compile interviews for this story

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