The People Behind the Press: Meet Our Staff!

As The Paradigm Press celebrates our 1-year chartering anniversary we would like to highlight our amazing team of writers, photographers, and editors! In just one year, our exceptional staff has accomplished so much and done so while cultivating content that is both relevant and necessary to black students and the overall black community. We thank you all for the continuous support and would like to officially introduce you to our 2020-21 staff!

Kennedy Mckinney 

Sophomore (Class of 2023)

Multimedia Journalism

Our president and founder, Kennedy McKinney created The Paradigm Press to highlight the triumphs of the Black FAU community and document the struggles as well. She believed the Black students deserve more coverage than what they were originally getting and felt that this paper was needed on campus. Aside from leading the charge that is The Paradigm Press, she graces the team with her editorial skills. A fun fact about her is that she has three fur babies named Nala, Bonnie, and Clyde. You can learn more about Kennedy by checking out her articles and following her @kennedylmckinney on Instagram. 

Ashley Walker

Senior (Class of 2021)


Ashley Walker, another founding member of The Paradigm Press, serves as our Marketing Director and Social Media Manager. She joined the press because she had just ended her term with a previous organization and was focused on making an impact while helping a well-deserved org. Paradigm Press was just that. It was what she needed at the time and since then, she’s been a leader and a helping hand in pushing Paradigm Press to where we are now. You can learn more about Ashley by interacting with @theparadigmpress on IG.

Corey Rose

Senior (Class of 2021)

Multimedia Journalism 

Double Minor in Theatre and Communications

One of our newest members, Corey Rose has been a great addition to the press with articles that capture many hard hitting topics within the black community! Not only is he a hardworking writer, but an amazing playwright and performer. He has directed five full-length plays and musicals on our campus, all of which have highlighted Black student performers! He joined The Paradigm Press to amplify Black voices in journalism to help facilitate a space for community dialogue! It’s safe to say he’s done just that. You can learn more about Corey by checking out his stories!

Aaliyah Fisher

Junior (Class of 2022)

Multimedia Journalism

Aaliyah is another one of our dedicated writers who is passionate about keeping our community informed about all relevant issues and topics. She became a member of the press because she wanted to join an organization that merged what she loves doing most, with people that also look like her. Aside from writing articles she is also working on her very own novel! Stay tuned for that and learn more about Aaliyah by reading what she’s written!

Madyson Roye

Junior (Class of 2022)


Over the past year, Madyson has done her part to be an all-around help in The Paradigm Press. As of now, she serves as an editor but has previously written articles and continues to contribute different ideas. She joined this organization because she loves to write and never experienced a place where she would have freedom to do so, while being surrounded by our people. Mady also uses her free time to do her favorite thing: sing! Her favorite article that she has written for the press is The Signal: A Call to Black Men. You can check out this article and the others she has written in order to learn more about her!

Raquel Perry

Freshman (Class of 2024)


Raquel is a young spoken word poet and published author who has brought her writing skills to the press. She joined The Paradigm Press because she used to be a writer for her high school newspaper and truly loved it. Raquel feels that this organization gives her the platform to serve a community whose stories are too often ignored and need to be heard. Paradigm also gives her a chance to share her own experience as a person of color in an objective manner. The best part of being a journalist for her, is searching for answers to the questions people have been asking, for far too long. It is telling the untold stories that everyone has the right to be fully informed about so that they can make well-rounded, informed decisions.

Hannah Burell

Multimedia Journalism

Freshman (Class of 2024)

With a love of theatre, reading, and writing; Hannah brings her passions to the press and makes it the greatness that it is! She’s always found joy in writing ever since she was little and was  also a staff writer for my high school newspaper. Hannah was excited to find out about The Paradigm Press because it made her think to herself, “I get to write about our culture!” Hannah has hopes to become a playwright, author, or screenplay writer for movies and television shows. We are honored to say that Paradigm will be one of things that helps her achieve that. You can learn more about Hannah by reading her articles.

Jayda Rhodes

Junior (Class of 2022)


Graduating with her Bachelors at just 19, Our member Jayda contributes to the press with her work behind the camera. She helps capture visuals that complement our articles and even has a photography page on Instagram (@symflix)! When asked why she chose the press, Jayda replied “I wanted to join something on campus that was meaningful to me. To be a part of an organization on campus that is also the first black newspaper means so much to me especially contributing something that I love to do”. You can learn more about Jayda by checking out her photography page!

Alyssa Lowe


Junior (Class of 2022)

Our editor Alyssa graces the press with her great ideas and dedication to our community. Her motivation to join the press comes from her desire to branch out and try something that was out of her comfort zone. She especially loved the fact that this is the first black newspaper org on campus and knew she had to be a part of it! A fun fact about Lyssa is that her and her sisters are all born a week apart. You can learn more about Lyssa by staying up to date with all of Paradigm’s articles and content!

Tykeem McCord 

Political Science

Double Minor in Sociology and Communications

Senior (Class of 2021)

With original intentions to be a Journalism major, Tykeem saw Paradigm as a way to gain that experience while also incorporating his current major to talk about socio-political issues. As he gets ready to celebrate his 1 year of membership, Keem has a lot of contribution and accomplishments to look back on! You can learn more about Keem by reading his articles.

Rachelle Saint Louis

Double Major Psychology and English with a concentration in Multicultural and Gender Studies

Senior (Class of 2021)

Rachelle is both an editor and writer for the press. She has been writing poetry since the 7th grade and also loves performing Spoken Word. Paradigm has allowed her to bring more attention to the issues Black students at FAU faced. You can learn more about Rachelle by reading her articles on the site.

Pascale Gachette


Senior (Class of 2021)

Alongside Ashley, Pascale also serves as one of the press’ marketers. She joined The Paradigm Press for more Marketing experience and has achieved just that. She also has her own business called Frostbyte. You can learn more about Pascale by checking that out and visiting our Instagram page. 

Be sure to follow our staff on their Instagrams and stay tuned to see what amazing things they write, edit, market, and photograph this year.

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