The New Age of Rap

For years, women have been able to sing along to their favorite songs by many female artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj. Recently, there have been a few artists who’ve made sure their name is known as well. The City Girls, Saweetie, and Summer Walker are just a few of the names that are topping the Billboard Charts today. Although quite similar, each artist has their own sound and musical taste. 

With making a name for yourself in the industry comes great controversy about your music, image, and values. For women, it’s also common for some form of “competition” to brew between two artists fueled by their fan bases or even others within the industry itself.

The most recent debate is between “Houston Hottie” Megan Thee Stallion and “Diamond Princess” Trina. Beginning with the recent release of Cardi B’s hit single “WAP”, where Megan features, critics have not been very happy with the song constantly insinuating acts of feminine pleasure and other sexual scenarios. For example, in Cardi B’s verses “Tie me up like I’m a surprise” and “I don’t wanna spit, I wanna gulp, I wanna gag, I wanna choke” of course it doesn’t take much for us listeners to put two and two together. While many thought Cardi B pushed the boundaries with her genius lyrics, Megan rose above any expectations we could’ve had for her in this song. Some of her most known verses may include “Your honor I’m a freak b**ch, handcuffs, leashes” and  “Put him on his knees, give him something to believe in”. 

Now gold, this record has stirred up tons of opinions about how most of the newest and well known female rappers today could never compete with those back in the day. Some say most music today doesn’t have much depth to it and only refers to sexual plays. Even former Republican Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine stated that Megan and Cardi “set the entire female gender back 100 years with their disgusting and vile ‘WAP’ song.” CeeLo Green expressed how this song was just a “disappointment on a personal and moral level” and how he’d never let his kids listen to something like this. Some celebrities have even gone as far as comparing the two based on their personas.  But those same people have failed to realize that these two women aren’t the first to shake the industry as much as they did.

In 1998, the music industry welcomed the Liberty City native, Katrina Laverne Taylor (famously known as Trina), with a feature on Trick Daddy’s record “Nann N**ga”. Giving fans hit after hit from “No Panties” to “F**k Boy” she’s openly expressed her romantic life and lack of feelings for certain men who are “soft as hell.” Referred to as “The Queen of Hip Hop”, Trina isn’t shy about turning heads and raising eyebrows with her song lyrics. This attention didn’t stop some from admiring her for being “as nasty as Lil Kim used to be.”  

Being known for her “nasty lyrics and overly sexual image”, Trina still worked to be a 10-time nominee for a BET Music Award and a 3-time nominee for The Soul Train Music Awards. Many big-name artists have still praised her for being “so different.” Kanye West said she “shakes the game up, and that’s just what we need.”

In 2016, we were introduced to “The Hot Girls Captain” otherwise known as Megan Thee Stallion.  Never once disappointing with hits ranging from “Big Ole Freak” to “Sex Talk” and “Girls in the Hood.” In 2019 she graciously hit the cover as one of the eleven artists apart of XXL’s “Freshman Class.” Her cypher was another effortless example of how lyrically talented she is. She’s quite unapologetic about her sexual deliverance in most of her songs and performances. 

While many may think she’s “just another young girl with a mic” while also topping the charts, she’s currently working towards her degree in Health Administration from Texas Southern University. As stated in her song “Hot Girl Summer”, you have to be able to have a healthy balance to be a “college girl but a freak on the weekends.” Although recently she’s been getting a lot of attention about a situation dealing with her being shot, Megan doesn’t let what people say stop her from being who she is and creating the unmatched content that she does. 

Despite the fact of Megan being negatively looked at in comparison to Trina and a possible “beef” between the two, Trina was quick to give her co-sign of the Houston native in an interview with Genius. By shutting down rumors, she expressed how Megan is “very sexy. Very hot. Very much it.” The two were even spotted partying together in Miami celebrating each other’s company and success.

One thought on “The New Age of Rap

  1. I’m all for women being sexual and liberated. But WAP is just a bad song. Disgusting lyrics aside, it doesn’t even sound good. I’ll get down to songs with absolutely idiotic lyrics, if it sounds good. Like Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ you can dance to that. WAP does not make you want to dance. It just sounds….boring…..and bad.

    Then there’s just how gross and crass it is. I know the feminist argument is ‘But men do it!” yeah, a lot of crass songs by men are gross too.

    And I get that there are always going to be some women who want to perform very sexually explicit songs and videos. I guess it wouldn’t bother me so much if women who make different choices were ALSO allowed to flaunt their lifestyle. But women who practice abstinence and modesty would never have a hit song flaunting their abstinent/modest lifestyle. People would say it was oppressive. That isn’t oppressive unless this WAP song is also oppressing women who don’t want to objectify themselves.

    Feminism isn’t for ALL women. It isn’t for conservative women. It isn’t for traditional women. It’s only for liberal promiscuous women. That’s why I don’t support feminism. Feminists will protect Cardi B’s right to produce this music, but attack any woman who flaunts conservative life choices. And yet, feminism claims to be about women being empowered to make choices….


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