Organization Spotlight: MAPS

If you haven’t heard of MAPS, The Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, it serves as  one of the clubs on campus unique to those who are specializing in the healthcare field. The goal of this organization is to increase the number of minorities in this career, allowing them to shadow under those who are professionals in their desired field, gain knowledge on how to properly study for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), and provide a network of connections with fellow students who they can study with and that share the same passion for medicine as they do. 

MAPS focuses on educating members, as well as other students, on the inequalities within the healthcare system so that as future doctors, nurses, physicians, and technicians, they can work to decrease them. MAPS has strived to build and promote the community of culturally underrepresented students so that they can thrive in their field. 

Amari Radden serves as the president of MAPS and is a senior majoring in biology. He said that MAPS has greatly impacted his college career, “MAPS has shown me how to get where I want to be in life, no matter how difficult it may be. It’s also helped me receive letters of recommendation, scholarships, research time, and community service opportunities.”

Radden is responsible for bringing MAPS back to Florida Atlantic University. He explained how attending certain MAPS events, such as their notorious “Medical Mixers”, at Barry University helped influence his collegiate experience for the better. Through MAPS, Amari had the chance to participate in an oncopathology lab efficacy of psychotherapeutic drugs. Furthermore, with this study, he practiced under Dr. Kumi-Diaka from Florida Atlantic University’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Science and closely examined the DU-145 and LNCAP cell lines of prostate cancer. Thanks to this organization, Amari has had many doors open for his future and he couldn’t be more grateful for it. 

Yolgens Cadet, a senior majoring in biology, is the Treasurer of MAPS. She expressed how this organization was the first she saw “to focus on aiding the minorities in the healthcare field.” That’s exactly what caused her to join early on. Not only did she earn countless community service hours and fieldwork experience, she learned that “you needed more than just good grades and high test scores to get into Medical School.” 

Both students plan on joining the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) upon graduating from FAU this year. 

MAPS is very proud of its many staple events, one of them being their “Medical Mixers.” This is their form of a general body meeting where guest speakers from all around come to give members eye-opening experiences. Not only are these hands-on opportunities beneficial for the members, but all students are welcome to join in as well. Cadet explained how “each meeting is themed. For example in October there’s a Halloween themed meeting.” This semester she assures that we can look forward to seeing more social events such as a movie night.

You may be wondering if MAPS has certain criteria when it comes to accepting members into the club and the answer is no! As long as you’re “willing and open to learning new things” said Amari Radden, MAPS will accept you with open arms. 

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